License To Carry Classes:      

Jan 21, 2024  9:00am


This class will cover topics required by DPS and takes about 4-6 hours. 

Once classroom portion is completed then students will have to demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting). 

Once both are completed student will be given form LTC-100 to submit to DPS for their license.

Topics covered:

Laws that relate to weapons

Handgun use/safety

Non-violent dispute resolution

Proper Storage

It is important to note that the License to Carry Class does not cover how to shoot a handgun. 

If you have never fired a handgun before, new to shooting and not comfortable with guns you should consider taking a basic handgun class first. 

We usually have a basic handgun class right before the LTC class.

Basic Handgun Class:   

  Jan 20, 2024  9:00am


This class is designed for new shooters and covers basic marksmanship, gun safety, different types of handguns and storage options.

Students can bring their own handguns and ammo to use for the classes.  

However if a student does not have a handgun one can be provided for $10 fee and student must provide their own ammo (9mm). 

License To Carry Online Class:

Students can now complete the classroom portion online. 

Once class is completed online the student will receive form LTC-101 which they must take to a DPS certified instructor to demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting). 


  • Private classes available:

Basic AR-15

Basic Shotgun

Advanced Pistol


Texas DPS link: